Thursday, February 7, 2013

Women Who Are Desperate For Help...

In 1992, Serwwit "Cherry" Teketel had recently graduated from college and was searching for a job without any success. During her struggle, she felt God challenge her about the plight of women trapped in the sex industry on the streets of her city, Addis Adaba, Ethiopia's capital.
She thought "If I was struggling this hard to find a job with a university degree, how much more difficult, almost impossible, was it for these young women with all their brokenness and the lack of education?" This realization became an abundantly clear calling which was the start of Women At Risk. Cherry began meeting and teaming up with others with a similar burden for these vulnerable women. As a team with the same heart, they started looking closely into the issue, talk to people, read, pray and then go out on the streets to meet the girls.
What soon became apparent was that each girl was desperate for help and refuge to escape their current lifestyle.
This story reminds me of my own thoughts as I started thinking about these women,
and my own history of severe depression. They were very literally the worst years of my life
and had I not been a mother of 3 children, I don't know for sure that I'd be here today.
That was my thought process. I wanted to escape life.
Here I was a pastors daughter, a mom of three beautiful healthy children, a wife to a loving 
husband and I was suffering. I kept thinking, if I was suffering, in my mind...despite what was 
basically an ideal life, how much more pain and hurt and mental anxiety and depression 
could other women be suffering with that had none of the opportunities I had. 
And I wanted to forget about myself for just a little while, and focus on them...
Precious women like this beautiful face below...

This is why I stepped up to the plate so to speak, to take this month and dedicate what would
normally be a month about "me" because it's my birthday. And I wanted to focus on them.
Watch this video and let the compassion in your heart move you to do something great...

If you are moved with compassion  as I am for these women and want to help me, help these beautiful ladies and give them a new chance and life and freedom from the streets and addiction,
then you can read more about what I am doing and why I am doing it here IN THIS POST .
$800 will help TWO women regain their lives. I have raised $ 218 so far.
If you can help, please do so quickly. My goal is set for only the month of February.

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Mandi Roach said...

I'm touched by your efforts -- your heart is precious. Kudos to you!

Erin said...

This is beautiful, I love your heart friend.

Blair @ Wild & Precious said...

Doing great girl! Just saw you are a $300! Almost half way there! Excellent post!! Xo

Melanie G said...

this is a wonderful project. I've donated and shared with my friends in hopes they will donate as well. Happy Birthday!

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