Monday, February 18, 2013

My Favorite Accessory That I Own (It's more than JUST an accessory.)

I can hardly believe I am doing a post on accessories. I'm not the expert on fashion
or accessories by any means. But of course, I'm a girl. I love fashion.
What I can tell you is that I own probably close to 15 scarves, but none of them, but one, have 
sentimental value to me.
Scarves are in right now, right? But there is something special about this one.
It was made by a very special woman in Ethiopia. A woman who needed a better life.
But had no way to find it. Until people like you came along. People like me.

This is a woman who was grew up in a country where 1 out of 10 women involve themselves 
in prostitution not necessarily as a choice, but as a necessity. To care for their children, to provide 
basic necessities for themselves. That breaks my heart.
My scarf was named after a beautiful woman named Saba. She grew up working in a bar,
and she didn't think she could  escape or change her life. Saba was using drugs and admits
to hurting herself with the way she was living...Until one day, she was given a new opportunity.
An opportunity that would change her life...her destiny...

You see, this scarf is not just a scarf to me. This scarf holds a special place in my heart.
But more importantly it holds a special place in the  heart of an Ethiopian woman whose life has been changed by Mocha Club. One woman that needed a new opportunity in life.
It's just a part of what the Mocha Club does to help restore women stuck in the sex trade industry.
 Mocha Club teaches them a trade in which they can earn money and feel pride in their work 
and take care of their families, without putting themselvesin any danger, hurting themselves 
and leaving their children alone. 

This scarf that I wear (and I wear it a lot), I purchased from fashionABLE.
Making fashionABLE scarves is just one of the trades taught to these women. When you connect
the dots between Ethiopia and the West where they are sold, you continue creating new
opportunities for them.

I'm just as girly as any other girl. I love my shopping (in the rare occasion that I have a few
extra dollars, thank you income tax returns). I love my nail polish. My jewelry. My occasional chick flick. Obviously, none of us thrive on girly things. But sometimes we feel like it's a necessity.
But some things mean more to me. Some accessories mean more to me. Now that I said
that, I realize how weird that sounds, but it's true. This scarf means more to me than 
anything I own. Because it means the life of another girly girl. Another girl who wants
to feel pretty and be happy and take care of herself without feeling scared or sad or alone.

Saba means more. All those women mean more. 
This is definitely my favorite accessory. My super awesome, rockin eggplant scarf.
And because of the woman of made it and women like her, I have been working hard during the month of February to not only purchase this scarf (which I did last October at Influence Conference)
 but working hard trying to raise money to help get two women just like her out of the life of prostitution...give her a new opportunity to learn a new trade she can be proud of, give her childcare for her children if she needs it so she can work, send her through an addiction recovery program, 
give her counseling, Bible study, and health care & treatment.

Saba...making scarves...

It takes $400 to help one woman go through this program. My goal was to help TWO women.
So I needed $800 to do this. I said NEEDED! So far, with all your generosity and sharing my project to your friends...I am only $97 away from my goal (with another $50 promised this week). 
And I am thrilled beyond words!!! SO that means I am $47 away from my goal!
I am not there yet, and I only have until the end of February. But if I make it over $800 before then,
I won't quit early. No, we are going to go as far as we can...maybe even help three women.
I would be so stoked.

I already promised that if I reach my goal, I would face my fear and join an organization in my city that works with girls and women stuck in the sex trade industry in my city. But I have decided to add another bonus on...
(and my husband doesn't know about this yet). Have you seen the crazy Harlem Shake videos on
youtube that have gone viral? If not, you need to go on youtube and look!

Yeah... me and my family will make one. For our celebration dance! 
This should be interesting...
Just click the donate button below to help me reach my goal and help more women
like Saba...


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ah this made me happy today. Love this post and LOVE that scarf.

Krista@RustikChic said...

What a beautiful scarf & amazing program. Your are awesome, thanks for inspiring:) xo

Anonymous said...

Scarves are my FAVORITE accessory. I mean, let's be real, I rarely accessorize...but I love wearing scarves. They can totally dress up a casual outfit!!

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Love this post Julie. =) Love it.

Drama Queens Mum (Kimberly) said...

I love scarfs, but I don't know how to wear them.

Ruby Girl said...

poo that's awesome! great scarf and great cause!

Julie S. said...

I have that exact scarf--plus 27 more! OOOPS! :)

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