Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Big Elephant in the Blog Room

You are all dying to ask me, right? I know you are.
Actually, a few of you did. But I can't remember if I answered or not.
Remember that post I wrote a few weeks ago, I Thought That's What Bloggers Did?
Yeah, I know you do. The one where I totally opened my heart and revealed my true identity
put my foot in my mouth? And I told everyone on Blog Planet that I have been a huge phony.
Sooooo...the biggest thing most of you all commented on was the
"hug" and the "sweet friend" remarks.
I got all kinds of confessions out of you all about your "real life" verbatim vs your "blog life" verbatim. That was my intention, after all....muahahahahahahahaha!!
So, most of you know, just days after that post, I got a chance to meet IN REAL LIFE my 
first blogger friend. Christina (can I get a woot woot?) from TicoandTina came 
to Milwaukee to visit little ole me. Her family and 2 interns came to stay at our house
for 3 nights. She came to Milwaukee specifically to test my HUG theory. Right?

Here are a few brief things I will say about the visit:

1) It was NOT awkward in the least. I felt very comfortable. In fact, I felt so comfortable that I colored my hair one morning, came downstairs with hair dye all up in my mop, no make up...
and only slightly hid my face when walking past the extra dudes in the house.

2) With 11 people in the house (5 kids), it was surprisingly calm. This could possibly have 
to do with the fact that when we were sitting at home, every adult in the house but me was sitting at their computer.  And the only reason I wasn't was because my 8 yr old son was using mine. 
(It's all good, I have my phone)

3) I love them. All of them. Seriously. I mean that. They all have such kind hearts and big hearts.
And we are all very similar in the way we feel about encouraging beauty, art, & creativity in
people around us. It's a sort of passion to push people to step outside the box and see the potential
 and gifts that lie inside of you.
I hope and am determined to remain friends with this group of people forever if they'll 
have me. The line my husband left them with was "Well, we'll see you in heaven." haha!
 Seriously, I mean it this time, if you haven't checked out their gig...
Blank Canvas Tour, this would be a good time to do it.

4) Their kids. So So cute and adorable... (ok, right there, I was tempted to use the word "adorbs" but because of the blog post I mentioned above, I will refrain. I dont wish to have stones
thrown at me today, thank you very much). My daughter Jada, nicknamed her little maverick
"The Little Guy." It was so cute. And my kids seriously miss them.
Seriously...  adorbs...
auuuughhhh. I'm running. Dont. Thrown Your. Stones.

5) Mostly, I just want to say Thank You to David & Christina...and Krista from Pieces of Life
(and I am totally about to steal a picture from her blog) and their (our) amazingly talented artist friend, Randall for trusting us, for counting us as friends and
and just chilling out with us, hanging out, playing games in which we all act mature...

ok, that wasn't the stolen pic. This is the stolen pic of downtown Milwaukee.
We went to hang out, take some pics, get out of the house.
I mean, I'm not gonna say I had to force them, but .... I had to force them ;)

Ok, not all of them.. haha. Krista was pretty excited to be in the city!

Oh...wait... I almost forgot about the ENORMOUS elephant...
You know the one where you all want to ask me if I "HUGGED" Christina after I made
the big "to do" about how I don't like hugging?
The answer is Yes,. twice. Once upon meeting, once upon saying goodbye.
The only thing that made it awkward was that I had just written that post and now
everyone is wondering if it is OK to hug me. Haha. Let me set the record straight.
Clear the air...ahem... I will hug you if I first meet you. I will hug you if it's been a long time since
I've seen you. I will hug you if I am saying goodbye for a long time.
I will even hug you if you are a hugger even though I'm not. It's not like I'm gonna smack ya.
You just can't expect me to make the first move.
You want a hug from me? Come at me, girl. Hug away.
My arms may be at my sides and I may be making
a face to whoever is standing behind you, but....
Bahahaha... I'm doing it to myself again!
Ok, those of you who I will meet at Influence! Let's just have one giant HUG PARTY
Let's all call each other sweet girl and sweet friend. That way NO ONE feels left out,
no one feels "socially awkward." That's it. It's done. No questions asked.

Ok, here is a little video from the visit!

OH, and don't forget the giveaway from Eisley Rae below. You know you wanna enter!


Maria said...

so so so cool that you all got to spend so much time together. it's awesome when there is still calmness and peace even when there is so much going on in the house. that's how you know it's good chaos and a great mix of people!!
you girls are so cute!
thanks for sharing, julie! have a a wonderful day. <3

TicoTina said...

aaaaaaaaaa I'm SO GLAD you got us to do that!!! seriously. and I love your editing + one of our favorite songs! just plain awesome =)

No(dot dot)el said...

Bah ha ha!! I was wondering.. no really I wasn't, but good to know that If/When I ever meet you I won't scare you off cause I'm a HUGGER! I come from a long line of huggers! But my Bro's girl God Bless Her Heart(and I would say that in face to face life) she's not a hugger but is now surrounded by a bunch of Italian , loud mouthed Huggers. So I'm used to the cold fish, stand still non-HUGGER. I think we would do okay Julie. In fact I know we would do okay, but I might start mimicking your accent. I promise to never throw stones though. NOPE. Not a stone thrower!

Kelly said...

Love that song!!!!! Love you guys so much! And i'm with Noel! I come from a long line of huggers too and I married into a family of huggers so yep, you get hugged Julie no matter what! Hehe!

jokesfb said...

Hey Great to see you all in this blog , I love your family and wish to come again to see some new updates . Thanks

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