Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Guess We're Kinda Cool???

Don't let my sleepy eyes fool you.
I'm not bored. I'm just having so much fun that I'm worn out.
Exhausted. Kaput.
I was about to make GIGANTIC COOKIE MONSTERS with warm cookies,
ice cream, chocolate syrup & whipped cream for us all, but I may just sleep instead.

I know you want to be jealous cuz we are painting what looks to be a
super awesome amazing adventure right?
Don't let that intimidate you! Paint Your OWN adventure!

I gotta say, just from the few conversations I've had with the Blank Canvas Tour team 
about passions and dreams, and the few interviews they've done so far here in Milwaukee...
alot of people actually feel the same way...
We simply get frustrated that people don't notice how hard we work,
how good we do at what we love doing,
or how passionate we feel about the adventure we pursue.
I've come to the conclusion that it's probably just because everyone's passion is 
different, so not everyone gets what we love & why we love it!
(we...being everybody who has any kind of dream inside of them)
...but that doesnt matter!!

and I am determined to always make a difference to people who need me to notice them!

People as a whole need that encouragement to pursue everything that has been placed in them!
Otherwise, it's tempting to give up & thats just so wrong. Right?
And THAT is what this TOUR is all about!

Here is just a few pics from our photo shoot together this morning.

the entire team... technically i am the "virtual" member...but made it to this photoshoot in "real life."

this is everyone staying in the house this week
apparently, pursuing adventure makes us very angry at each other???
maybe we are kinda cool...just a little bit.

not every moment goes as planned with a photoshoot of this many people
pretty sure she's a keeper (wink wink)


Jessica Who? said...

i loveeeee this! so wish i was there!! and yes i am jealous! and yes you guys are very cool! :)

TicoTina said...

we wish you were here, too, Jessica!

awwww, this is awesome Julie =) I don't know how you're so fast at this!

Kayla said...

aww! this looks like you all had a blast! :)

Maria said...

so awesome, julie!! it looks like you had an amazing day. love the photos. love your dresses. love your personality <3

Krista said...

haha! Love it!

Shelby said...

Hi there! I just found your blog, and I have to say, it's adorable:) I'd love it if we followed each other!

Shelby xoxo

Kristine @ The Foley Fam {unedited} said...

Ummm.... you guys are def cool!! Love the pics! SO exciting!

Kelly said...

OMG! DYING right now! So funny! Gosh i love you all so much!

oKayeAmy said...

So fabulous!

Jelli said...

Yay! You got to meet at last. Christina and her man seem like such a fun duo. Glad to see you all had a great time.

TayloreJazmine said...

If you are at all interested in writing a guest post for my blog, please feel free to stop on by and drop me an email.

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

Love seeing you all having a great time together! What a bunch of good looking people!

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Totally jealous that you two got to meet! =D Yall look amazing!

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