Friday, July 20, 2012

Brand New Dress

Weary these walls, so far tattered and torn
Glimpsing through the salt water seas
Eyes desperate with gasping and pleas
Breaking silence of her soul left forlorn
Wincing the burn; left the tear stained disguise
Masterfully creates that what you see
Never should know what is deemed so lonely
High the tide it rolls in; waves, they would rise
Taken upon ones self, a guilty brow
Drowns, pursuit a gesture; cries SOS
Master, commander grasps her hand to hold
Wrapped arms, shelter found; comfort and rest
Glanced she back, but only a moment left
Memory lost, wearing a brand new dress

-Julie Marie

Debating on whether or not to explain this. To me, poetry, basic Dr Suess rhymes aside
are interesting to try and figure out. And to be honest, for the life of me
I simply can't do it most of the time.
I thrive on having a decent amount of art and creativity in my blood.
But I don't claim to be the most cultured person in the world,
yet I love to write. So, I try things. New things, like this. A Sonnet..
And for the most part, no one sees any of it.
But I do it, to see if it works for me. 
I loved writing it, and it sure as heck made sense to me.
Haha. Don't know if it will to anyone else though.
If you have a guess, let me know...I'm curious.
I honestly just want to know if I stand a chance at diversity in writing =)


TicoTina said...

it makes sense to me. I think it's great. I love to try new styles of writing. I hate how sometimes the best writing and connection comes out of pain...

Anonymous said...

That's REALLY good Julie...

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

I am NOT even gonna try and pretend that I get it. I don't. But, parts of it make sense to me and actually sound pretty great. I've never been very good at understanding this sort of writing though. This coming from someone who's probably never written a sonnet in her life. ;) I love the new dress though, super cute! xoxo

Joanna said...

Love the dress! Where's it from?

Lucy McCracken said...

you look beautiful! I too love the dress with the killer boots. Right now I would die if I wore boots, since it's beyond hot here. Julie, you are seriously one of the most creative writers I know. Your poem is beautiful! wow I can't believe you wrote it. I loved it!

Kelly said...

your sonnet is fabuouls. and so is your dress.

Anonymous said...

Dang girl. You are gorgeous and that sonnet reads so beautifully!

LWLH said...

Love your dress and even more your sonnet. I don't grasp alot of writing styles like that but it reads beautifully.

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) said...

I love this dress so much! Yay for polka dots!! :D


Dawn said...

I won't claim to "get" your poem, but I love the feeling it instilled in me. I saw such sadness (reality for so many). Then there was the hope and rescue from the only One who can. All symbolized by the awesome feelings of wearing a new dress. How did I do? Even if I was totally off the mark, your writing really spoke to me. Thank you!

elise said...

LOVE that dress. absolutely adorable!

ginanorma said...

I adore that poem!!!

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