Tuesday, May 29, 2012

make him famous

"You don't understand my art!"
These words are uttered from his mouth on a daily basis.
He longs for praise.
He strives to stand out.
And he works so freakin hard for it.
He thinks he has every right to be famous.
These pictures aren't easy to come by.
Countless hours are spent enchanted with technology.
Many a lonely night, I sit in bed...watching Friends. he creates
 stares into this object.
You may know it as your cell phone,
 to him, this is his canvas.

He doesnt understand how I continue to gain followers,
with the simplicity of my "cute kid" photos,
while he works so hard,
to create amazingness,
and has so few follwers..
( I keep trying to tell him, it's thanks to all of YOU)
I know AMAZINGNESS isn't a word by dictionary standards,
but is there any other word to describe "art" of this kind?!
(wink, wink) I mean really!!

His complaint to me, even though I constantly congratulate him
 fully support him and smile as he shows me his "pieces"...
is that "Nobody understands his art."
So, I ask of you...
to open your mind,
broaden your horizons...
and dig deep inside...
to make sense of
his art.

 Make Him Famous!!!
Who is he, you might ask...
this secret underground artist you speak of???
Why, he is my hubby of course.
Go follow him on Instagram with the button 
at the bottom of this post...
or simply search for superflysmith on your instagram!
And, please...oh PLEASE comment on these pictures,
show him some comment love...
He is going to be asking!

Disclaimer: Please ignore the obvious sarcasm in the tone of this post.
I promise you, I really do think his photos are pretty fabulous!
Make Him Famous
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Julie Marling said...

New follower from hop.. Love your blog. Would love to swap buttons with you. You can go on my site and upload yours and use the code SWAp. Email me and I will send over a button

Love for you to follow back!

Daisy TrendyMomReviews said...

New follower! Looking forward to reading more!
Hope you will follow back!
Daisy @

Kelly said...

They are FABULOUS!!! You talented artsy people make me so jealous!! Hehe!!!

Ashley said...

New follower! :)

Your blog is absolutely stunning. I look forward to your future posts!


jayemmtee said...

this is so funny to me bc my husband is the same way about twitter! haha

just followed you and your hubby on instagram! :)

TicoTina said...

you can tell him that we think his pictures are stellar! =)

Allison Coomes said...

Your hubby is so lucky to have you! And his work really is amazing...the one of your daughter with the umbrella is my favorite!

Maria said...

Julie, both you and your husband are so talented. His work is stunning and captivating. I love the photo of your daughter holding the umbrella.
The jeeps and the bright pink...amazing.
I'm going to follow him on Instagram as soon as I'm done leaving this comment. Thank you for sharing all you do.
Wishing you a wondeful Wednesday!

momto8blog said...

he can tell he is truly a genius if no one understands his work....the mass of people don't get most things...
i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Janna Bogert said...

Tell him that I think he's fabulous! A true artist ;)

Barbara said...

as long as he knows he is an artist, then he is an artist. :) LOVE the last one with the tree and pink leaves - super cool & trippy-like. :)

prototype mama said...

loving his art--it says a lot without saying much. Def. going to follow him for my daily creative fix!

BTW love your blog-- new peeper :)

Makaila said...

ohmygosh, you melted my heart. This is sooo sweet!! I totally just found him and followed him. I simply could not miss out on this Art. ;) and tell him to follow me back. :P Hahaha. Jk. Unless of course he wants to. :D

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

He will be famous! I dig it! Thanks for sharing him. And for sharing the beautiful you.

No(dot dot)el said...

Ahh, how sweet. I thought you were talking about God until I read, "He thinks he has every right to be famous" don't know why that was my clue... ha ha. So creative and cute. I will look him up for sure.
Sheesh, I wish someone would write me a love note so brilliantly put.
That's my boo hoo, nobody loves me voice ... just being silly of course.

Lucy McCracken said...

He's really very talented. You are so awesome for posting this post and for supporting his creativitiness. You are so talented as well. I will be sure to follow him via instagram and comment on his photos. :)

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